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Why Microchip Your Pet?

We stress microchipping and its importance due to the amount of success stories we have seen at our clinic alone. Unfortunately, collars can slip right off, and from pets that have gotten out to stolen pets, we are usually able to identify them and their owners fairly soon after if they are microchipped.

Many clients express concern of having a GPS tracking system imbedded in their pet, however you do not even need anesthetic to implant the microchip and they do not have a power source. It is simply a barcode the size of a grain of rice that is injected just as a vaccination would be.

Microchipping helps identify your pet and confirms that you are their owner. We have had many strays brought into our clinic in hopes of them having a microchip because their collar has come off. We are almost always able to reunite the family with their pet if they are microchipped and their information is up to date.

We work with HomeAgain microchips which have the Bio-Bond anti-migration feature to make sure the chip stays where it’s implanted. We also carry a universal scanner that can pick up almost every type of identification number.

During the initial visit to microchip your pet, our office will register everything for you. After your pet is chipped, we recommend updating your information through the identification system anytime your address or phone number is changed to give your pet the best chance of returning to you.

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