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Rain, Shine & Fleas

Tis the season of rain, shine and fleas. Fifty percent of dermatitis in cats and dogs is due to fleas. Fleas tend to migrate towards the warmest parts of their bodies. Biting towards their tail and scratching at the neck as well s obsessive licking are all indications of fleas. Thus leading to exposed skin and red bumps.

Due to thick coats and fast fleas, just because we don't see them doesn't mean they're not there. The best way to look for fleas is to use a flea comb in these areas however, they are quick and tiny so if it comes out clean doesn't mean that they aren't there. Another indication is flea dirt, a.k.a. flea poop. An easy way to test the dirt on your pet for actual flea poop is to sprinkle it on a paper towel and mist it with water. If it turns red, that is most likely what you're dealing with since they live off of blood.

We stress the importance of year round preventative regardless of if your pet is strictly indoors or not. Fleas just need a warm spot to live or travel making them easily transferable via other pets, humans bringing them in on their clothing, or them just jumping into the house. After all, they can jump an unbelievable distance for their size!

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