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Those Pesky Pests, Fleas!

Except for the damp basements, most people have thoroughly enjoyed the rain this summer vs the Nebraska drought we are used to. Our pet’s? Not so much. And fleas? They are having a heyday.

We tend to panic when we see fleas on our pet/s. Yes they are horrifying, but don’t stress. You can still get rid of them by following these steps.

The first step, treat your pet. Fleas are species specific so even though they may bite us too, they cannot live off of us.

Next, treat your home! Merial (the maker of Frontline Plus products) has a three month guarantee on Frontline. Why three months? It can take up to three months for eggs to hatch. The eggs are conveniently dropped off in your carpet, couch, and anywhere you wouldn’t expect fleas to hatch!

We carry a great product called Knockout. It comes in an aerosol can and is safe to spray on every household item including your pet’s bedding. This also comes in a fogger. We recommend to vacuum shortly after you have treated to pick up any eggs and to dump or throw away the contents or bag in your vacuum in order to prevent those eggs from hatching inside of your vacuum and jumping out into your home to start a new infestation.

If your flea problem continues or worsens, you may need to treat your yard as well. You may treat this yourself or hire a company, focusing mainly on any moist or shaded areas where they would be more prevalent.

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